The relationship between a company and its employees produces value for a business.

The labor department of AUDALIA ABOGADOS will assist you in resolving disputes before SMAC (The Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Office) and in court due to dismissals, fines, labor force readjustment plans (ERE), etc.

The principal services that we provide our clients with insofar as labor issues include:

  • Salary claims, individual dismissals and layoffs (ERE) fines, licenses and permits, geographic and functional mobility, collective conflicts, etc. Contentious actions in the following areas:
    • Assistance at prior conciliation hearings before the SMAC
    • Legal Defense in court
    • Appeals
    • Out-of-Court Settlements
  • Acting as a Liaison with official bodies
  • Meeting with the Work Inspection Authorities
  • Appealing inspection and sanctioning actions
  • Hiring Processes
  • Remuneration Studies on senior management: Flexible Remuneration
  • Labor Advice in the case of corporate reorganizations (transfer of companies, mergers, etc)
  • Labor Due Diligence and Auditing Labor Processes