AUDALIA takes on projects both for defining Processes and evenReengineering, as well as their Auditing.

Services offered in this area are very different and depend on the focus of each project and clients needs, assigning more or less importance to certain aspects such as internal control, the optimization of resources, quality, rules and procedures, reduction of the cycle of processes etc.

AUDALIA takes on projects both for the definition of Processes and even Reengineering as well as their Auditing. The objectives pursued with both focuses may or may not coincide. Subsequently, we briefly describe the two principal types of services offered (Organizational Design and Auditing).

Within the area of Organizational Design, optimizing resources involved in the Company is pursued. The study may be partial, such as an area, or global. The focus used principally by AUDALIA for these projects is based on the design methodology of Processes. The Tools normally delivered to the client upon the termination of the project are as follows:

  • Process Maps. (Eliminating those activities that do not provide value).
  • Design of Processes and Sub-processes. Such as the documentation of their activities, tasks, indicators, and their responsible parties and executors.
  • Scorecard.
  • Definition of positions.
  • Design of Internal Control Manuals.

On the other side, in the area of the Auditing of Processes, it is analyzed whether they in fact fulfil the established objectives and the necessary recommendations are contributed. The audited Process have very different aspects, the most relevant are:

  • Marketing Processes
  • Commercial Processes
  • Logistics Processes
  • Administrative Processes

AUDALIA’s principal added value for these types of projects is the methodology used, departing from our solid experience as financial auditors and the multi-disciplinary profile of its team.